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21st June 2022

The Next Signature Milestone


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the New e·Signature Platform. 

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The Simplest Way to Sign Documents on Any Device from Anywhere

For a document-heavy industry, signing documents can incur significant costs through complex processes that can be prone to error. To improve performance, 74% of organizations from all industries sign documents with digital signatures. Using the right signing solution can boost company performance.

wSign e·Signature Platform, streamlines, and coordinates signature operations and workflows, through an intuitive user experience, with total protection of the user’s identity and data, allowing the signature from anywhere and any device with legal validity as is eIDAS compliant.

The quick and easy signature process that wSign provides, boosts any company’s effectiveness as over 85% of agreements are completed in less than 24 hours, and 48% in less than 15 minutes.

The webinar has the objective to present wSign, the new e-Signature platform that empowers your business with #Efficiency by getting your documents signed in 4 easy steps: Register, Upload, Sign, and Share.

What will you find out in this webinar?

  • The benefits of Digital Signature
  • How to manage documents and add multiple signatories with Dashboard
  • To customize the signature workflows 
  • To access the smart traceability system with QR code
  • To share your documents with several signers
  • To manage your frequent contacts

Have a look at the agenda: 

  • Euronovate Group: Innovations and Technical Advances for Digital Transformation
    Andrea Conte, Head of Software
  • wSign: Deep diving into the latest e-Signature platform, experiencing it with a Live Demo
    Carlo Di Giulio, Product Owner
  • Q&A session: space for your curiosity